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Sowing Onions

By Angie, Feb 13 2013 09:00AM

Sowing Seed Onions

The new year usually heralds the time to start sowing seed onions. I haven't been growing my onion from seed lately - mainly because we have spent the last two winters preparing beds, so haven't had the time. In addition, because we had beds available for the overwintered onions, I really didn't have the room to put any more onions in the beds. However, getting the new half plot has changed this for us now.

I sowed Ailsa Craig onions at the start of January in my conservatory in modules and by the end of January, they were starting to appear. I plan to grow these on and then move into the coldframe for them to acclimatise to the colder temperatures so I can dedicate my conservatory to new seed sowings. I will probably aim to get them in the ground my April, weather permitting.

2013 Onion Experiment

The allotment site we tend is prone to onion white rot. I have had two onion harvests since taking over my first plot, both were slightly affected by the white rot. I did some research into possible methods of reducing its impact. I decided to try an experiment in 2013 with my overwintering onions.

I planted the onions on raised rows of horticultural sand, providing the onion setts with plenty of drainage. I planted each row over 1 foot apart, with a newspaper mulch to cut down on the weeds. Come spring time, I plan to interplanting with carrots where the newspaper is currently. Hopefully the scent of the onions should help disguise the carrots from the eyes of the carrot root fly.

The whole bed was then covered in a cloche of enviromesh to discourage the birds from pulling the onions.

I will report on progress on the blog later this year and (hopefully) will be able to post up some more recipes.

Onions experiment 2013
Onions experiment 2013
White Rot affected onions from the 2012 harvest
White Rot affected onions from the 2012 harvest
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