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Sunshine spells growing!

By Angie, Jun 9 2013 12:31PM

So good to see the sunshine at last on the plot! It has made such a difference to everything now the soil is warming up and the sun is shining. We have been suffering with a particularly gusty North-easterly wind which is dessicating the young plants, so protection is still required for some crops.

I am sorry the posts have been a bit sparse, but I have had a bit of technical issues with the site and of course, I have been concentrating on trying to get the plots up to scratch and get the bulk of the crops in to hopefully grow and feed us!

So, here is the update on what has been happening here.

Harvest-wise, the chard produced well but went to seed as soon as the temperature rose. The purple sprouting brocolli also produced well and we managed to harvest a few cauliflowers and spring greens (despite the decimation over winter with the weather and snails/slugs!) The cut and come again salads I am sowing regularly are doing well. We also have some lovely loose leafed lettuces which are maturing.

We harvested the first of the chioggia beetroots - a new one for me. They went into last night's salad and were very pretty, but in our opinion perhaps lacked the flavour of the red varieties.

The asparagus planted earlier this year are producing well, although the French white asparagus variety seem a little slower to appear. Now the soil is warming more, they are slowly curling their way to the surface.

We have been working like trojans to get plot 38 up to planting stage. We have created a total of 6 additional rotation beds, two cut flower beds at the front of the plot, a side bed for espaliered trees (underplanted with currant bushes and strawberries), a smaller bed for the children to cultivate and a permanent bed for rhubarb and blueberries.

I plan to add a shed and have some sort of a structure at the top right hand side of the plot, that we can place our table and chairs under to enjoy the sea views, but add shelter from the wind. At the moment, we have dug this area to plant with sweetcorn.

In total on plot 38, we have planted:

Bed 1: Red Duke of York Potatoes

Bed 2: A lasagne bed growing a mix of summer and winter squashes

Bed 3: Rhubarb/blueberry bed

Bed 4: A lasagne bed growing summer/autumn brassicas

Bed 5: Pink Fir Potatoes

Bed 6: A lasagne bed growing Swift sweetcorn and courgettes

Bed 7: A lasagne bed growing celeriac and celery

Bed 7: A lasagne bed for the children currently planted with sunflowers

Temporary bed growing Swift sweetcorn

On plot 39, we have planted:

Bed 1: Runner beans (Polestar) in a munty frame, underplanted with winter cauliflowers and broad beans

Bed 2: Mange tout (Shiraz and Kent Blue), french beans (blauhilde) and peas.

Bed 3: White and red onions

Bed 4: Salad bed with mixed leaf varieties, radishes, spring onions, beetroot, chinese leaves and summer herbs

Bed 5: Autumn raspberry bed

Bed 6: Asparagus bed

On plot 37, which we are continuing to take care of before we hand it back after harvesting, we have planted:

Bed 1: Strawberries

Bed 2: Garlic

Bed 3: White Onions

Bed 4: Half sown with shallots and pickling onions. Half with some fast salad crops.

Some more plot photos to follow!

PSB harvest
PSB harvest
Cauliflowers that made it!
Cauliflowers that made it!
A sure sign that summer is here when the alliums start appearing!
A sure sign that summer is here when the alliums start appearing!
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