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By Angie, Jul 19 2013 08:21PM

My garlic is just about ready now, and with this co-inciding with my first earlies now being ready (as they were planted a little later than usual), the perfect accompaniment to a prawn curry tonight was a favourite recipe of mine, Ginger and Garlic Potatoes.

This recipe came from a Madhur Jaffrey book given to me by a friend who had upgraded to the hard backed version!

It is very easy. I change the recipe as I very often prepare too many potatoes deliberately so I can have some cold ones in the fridge to use. I have found waxy new potatoes perfect for this recipe. You can use floury potatoes too - you will just end up with more of mashed version.

750g potatoes

Piece of root ginger, 2”x1”, peeled and coarsely chopped

3 cloves garlic, peeled

3 tablespoons water

½ teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

5 tablespoons oil

1 teaspoon fennel seeds


Option 1: With fresh potatoes - peel and boil in salted water. Leave to cool then cut into 1" pieces

Option 2: With leftover boiled potatoes - cut into 1" pieces.

Place the ginger, garlic, water, turmeric, salt and cayenne in blender.

Blend into a smooth paste.

Heat oil in a heavy frying pan over a medium flame.

Put in the fennel seeds and let sizzle for a few seconds.

Add the garlic-ginger paste and stir-fry 2 minutes.

Add the potatoes. Stir-fry until the potatoes are crusted.

By Angie, Apr 10 2013 09:01PM

I received news last week that the plot adjacent to the original plot 39 has become free. This means that we would be able to develop a straight ten rod plot.

Despite the efforts we have put into plot 37 since taking over the first half in June and the second half in October last year, we have made the decision to give up this plot once we have harvested the onions, shallots, cabbages, garlic and strawberries.

This now means we have another virgin plot to work! Oh, and we get our old shed back which we gifted to the then-plot holder too!

The soil is hungry, claggy clay, and the compost heap (which has never been emptied) is now four feet high!

We have already found a home for the old 3x3 shed - it will go to another plotholder who wants to use it as the basis for a toolchest (he has a small plot and isn't permitted a shed on his plot).

In addition to the old shed, there was a very rotted toolchest which the children found very tempting to climb all over - much to my dismay (the thoughts of impaled children flashing through my mind whenever I saw them near it!) I happily took the azada to it yesterday and demolished it in a few hearty swipes! I then piled the rotten wood into trugs and took it to the recycling site. The wood was so rotten that many of the longer lengths could be broken in half on my knee!! Had I been more recycling-minded, I would have used it to line the compost bins, but I was happy to see the back of it to be honest!

The section of plot 37 which I have been struggled to dig over during the winter months will be covered to stop it resprouting weeds, so we can keep the work down on this plot and concentrate on the new plot.

The approach for plot 38 will be lasagne beds and weed suppressed paths all the way. I will be marking the position of the beds to match the ones on the original plot (39) so the two plots look like one plot eventually. I may even add another pallet picket fence and cut flower border on the front of the new plot too to tie them together more.

Photos to follow!

By Angie, Mar 5 2013 03:00PM

Well, if you had asked me, aged 8, what I thought of spring greens, my answer would have been a big "yuck!!"

All that has changed now.

This year, my source of spring greens is going to be my brussel sprout tops which look fab (and are ready now compared to my cabbages which have been stunted by the wet weather)!

I will also start sowing summer cabbages and salad crops now.

I have been a bit cheeky and bought a tray of living salads from the supermarket back in December, which I planted into large modules to grow on. I plan to put these into a raised bed in the greenhouse this weekend to grow on for some early salads.

Thankfully the days of boiling greens to death (or horror of horrors, in water with bicarbonate of soda added to take out the colour - and kill any vitamins!) are long gone!!

My favourite ways of serving up spring greens are lightly steamed with a little garlic butter dressing; or some softened onion and bacon. You can also deep fry, similar to fried seaweed you get in the chinese restaurants.