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The Allotment Glutton is where I share allotment anecdotes, potting shed politics, plot experiments, harvests & seasonal Plot2Plate recipes for maximum exploitation of fruit and veg gluts.


My garden and allotment plots are based in St Leonards on Sea, near Hastings, East Sussex.  


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Leek and Potato (Vichysoisse) Soup


This recipe makes four hearty portions or six smaller portions of soup.  Pass the soup through a sieve if you want to create a good impression for guests or leave chunky and rustic.  In summer, you can serve chilled as a traditional French Vichysoisse.


Preparation and Cooking Time: 1 hour




   2 tablespoons sunflower oil

   2 onions, finely chopped

   3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

   6 sage leaves, finely chopped

   3 leeks, cleaned and finely sliced

   1.2 litres hot vegetable stock

   900g potatoes, peeled and roughly chopped

   150ml double cream or creme fraiche


  • Heat the oil in a large pan and add the onions, potatoes and leeks.

  • Cook until starting to soften.

  • Add the garlic and sage.

  • Add the vegetable stock and bring to the boil.

  • Season with salt and pepper and simmer until the vegetables are tender.

  • Blend with a hand blender or in a liquidiser until smooth.

  • Return to the pan, stir in the cream or crème fraîche, heat through and serve with crusty bread.


Leek and Cheese Soufflé


This is a lovely recipe to serve as a vegetarian option at a dinner party, although makes a lovely starter for any tastes.  This recipe is also great for using up cheese.  You can use Cheddar or even Stilton, but reduce the amount of Stilton and omit the Dijon mustard as it is a stronger flavour.


Preparation and Cooking Time: 30 minutes


Makes 6 soufflés




55g butter

1 medium leek, cleaned, white and green chopped into matchsticks

55g all purpose flour

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

300ml milk

75g grated Emmenthal cheese

4 large eggs, yolk and white separated

Salt and ground black pepper


  • Preheat the oven to 395F, 200C or gas 6.

  • Melt the butter in a large saucepan.

  • Add the leeks and cook until the leeks are soft but not brown.

  • Stir in the flour and mustard.

  • Add the milk a little at a time stirring thoroughly to create a thick, glossy sauce.

  • Season with salt and pepper.

  • Add the egg yolks and beat well with a wooden spoon until completely incorporated.

  • Finally add the cheese and stir until all the cheese is melted.

  • In a clean bowl beat the egg whites with an electric whisk until stiff and firmly set.

  • Using a metal spoon, stir 2 tablespoons of the egg white into the soufflé base to loosen the mix. Carefully fold in the remaining egg whites in two parts. Be very gentle and try to retain as much volume as possible.

  • Lightly grease 6 individual ramekin dishes with a little butter.

  • Spoon the mixture into the dishes filling to within ½ cm from the top.

  • Place the ramekins onto a baking sheet and cook in the preheated oven for 15 minutes or until the souffles are golden and risen.

  • Serve immediately with a green salad and crusty bread.



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